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Creating an environmentally conscious revenue stream from your waste material


Potential Fuel Sources

Cow, Chicken, Turkey, Hog, 
Duck, Horse, Biosolids, Etc.
Spent Mushroom Substrate
Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF)
Food and packaging waste
Wet Distillers' Grain
Wood and Other Plant Biomass
Various Other Feedstocks
Our system is very flexible, and able to process a wide range of fuels

Our Goals

Our primary goals are to improve the environment by eliminating byproducts from industrial and agricultural applications, create alternative disposal options, and provide benefits from fuels that what would otherwise be a cost for the customer.  There are very few actual waste products in the world; the key is recognizing their potential.  We take byproducts of minimal value and create revenue streams that benefit our customers and the environment.

The products coming out of our technology are energy and Ecochar.  The energy is in the form of hot air and can be used in a variety of applications (steam, building heat, power, etc.).  Ecochar, the solid product, is a combination of carbon and mineral ash from the feed material.  This valuable byproduct can be used in many applications - soil amendments, soil/water remediation, and animal bedding, just to list a few. We have developed a formulated fertilizer (Vital Force) utilizing all natural products, including Ecochar as a primary component in the blend.  To see the results of this product, see growth comparison page.


Current Projects

Layer Poultry Farm
Turkey Farm

System has been operational since April, 2019.

Poultry Litter Processing

System has been operational since September, 2021.

System has been operational since late 2019.

Biosolids Processing

System is currently being installed in Bethel, PA to process biosolids from wastewater treatment plants.

This technology was also utilized in previous projects installed under the company Coaltec Energy.  To view these projects, click here.

Earthcare, LLC

1508 Regents Park Road
Evansville, IN 47710


Phone:  812-455-9258

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